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So Much More Than Sales

Hi there, I'm Colleen Carswell, a former director of sales and catering for some seriously swanky hotels, resorts, and country clubs – you know, the places that ooze customer service. But ironically, I'm not here to sing the praises of customer service OR sales, at least not initially.

In fact, I advocate for a different approach with just two very simple shifts: systems before sales, team service before customer service.

Listen, revenue is cool and all, but it means nothing if you've got super stealthy profit eaters like inefficient systems, complicated workflows, or high employee turnover running wild behind the scenes.

With my unconventional method that defies traditional tactics, your profitability soars, ROI hits new heights, and that fire of passion and purpose reignites like never before.

<span>So Much More Than Sales</span>

Profits, Passion, Purpose - Oh my!

Let's face it—you didn't dive into this business to become a tech guru or to wrestle with complex processes. The constant struggle with outdated technology, inefficient workflows, and the ever-elusive quest to streamline operations can leave you feeling overwhelmed and bogged down. You'd rather be pouring your energy into your passion—creating exceptional experiences and doing more of what you absolutely LOVE doing.

That's where I come in as your "Techie Bestie." My mission is to seamlessly integrate, expertly implement, and steadfastly support your systems and processes so you can maximize your profits and your passion!

Together, we'll streamline your operations, eliminating those profit-draining inefficiencies and paving the way for more creativity and joy in your work!


"Colleen has a solution based mentality and stays current on all things tech related. [She] was always teaching us new platforms and systems to help us run more efficiently."

Kristen H.

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