DIY Wedding Planning Made Easy™

For Wedding Professionals

“It’s either you pay thousands of dollars for a planner OR you just have to do it on your own and take a leap in the dark. This is that perfect little thing in the middle.”

Jenny (DIY Wedding Planning Made Easy™ Bride)

Smoky Blue Events

Finding a Middle Ground

In the dynamic realm of wedding preparations, the presence of a wedding planner often ensures a seamless flow, benefiting couples, vendors, and venues alike. However, the luxury of a dedicated planner remains out of reach for many due to financial constraints. It's imperative to recognize this challenge and seek solutions that cater to every budget.

<span>Finding a Middle Ground</span>

A Win-Win For Couples & Pros

Every couple deserves a wedding day that's stress-free and devoid of unexpected hitches—a day purely for celebration without a moment spent on logistics. And industry professionals — already short-staffed and overworked — deserve to have all the details at hand so they can deliver exceptional experiences for their clients and guests.

<span>A Win-Win For Couples & Pros</span>

How DIY Wedding Planning Made Easy Benefits YOU

DIY Wedding Planning Made Easy was specifically and uniquely designed for the DIY, budget-smart bride who is self-planning her wedding and overwhelmed with trying to figure out how to fit all the pieces and details together in such a way where she can actually enjoy her wedding day. This step-by-step program helps bring DIY brides from overwhelm and ‘all-over-the-place’ to a state of clarity, confidence and control. This benefits the couple, wedding party, guests, and hired professionals, too. Check out the chart to see how being a partner can help you serve your clients better and scale your business more quickly. 

<span>How DIY Wedding Planning Made Easy Benefits YOU</span>

7 Ways Empowering DIY Brides Benefits Wedding Vendors

Streamlined Communication: When a bride is well-informed and organized, she can communicate her needs, preferences, and concerns more clearly. This reduces the back-and-forth often required to clarify details, saving both the bride and the vendor valuable time.

Efficient Use of Resources: An educated bride is more likely to understand the intricacies of the wedding industry, from booking timelines to the logistics of setting up a venue. This means vendors can allocate resources more efficiently, as they're less likely to encounter last-minute changes or unrealistic demands.

<span>7 Ways Empowering DIY Brides Benefits Wedding Vendors</span>

Enhanced Collaboration: A knowledgeable bride can actively participate in the planning process, collaborating with vendors to co-create the wedding of her dreams. This collaborative approach can lead to more innovative and personalized wedding experiences.

Reduced Stress and Conflicts: Misunderstandings and misaligned expectations are common sources of stress in wedding planning. When a bride is educated about the process, she's more likely to set realistic expectations, reducing potential conflicts with vendors.

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Financial Benefits: An organized bride is more likely to stick to her budget, ensuring that payments to vendors are timely and as agreed upon. Moreover, by understanding the value of each service, a bride might opt for premium offerings, increasing the vendor's revenue.

Positive Word-of-Mouth: A confident and satisfied DIY bride is more likely to share her positive experiences with friends and family. This word-of-mouth can lead to more referrals for the vendors and venues involved.

Building Trust: By providing brides with valuable resources, vendors and venues demonstrate that they care about the bride's experience, not just the business transaction. This can foster trust and loyalty, leading to stronger, long-lasting relationships.

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"This program pointed out things that I hadn't thought of - even being in the industry - and gave me the tools to be more organized in general. I love the focus on delegating and making sure the bride [is] not the point person on the wedding day."

Sam W.
(Florist + DIY Wedding Planning Made Easy Bride)

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work? Am I an affilliate or do I pass along the savings to my clients somehow?

Yes and yes! The beautiful thing about our partner program is you get to refer DIY Wedding Planning Made Easy to your clients in a way that feels most aligned with your business approach:

  1. Discount Code: Provide a unique discount code to your clients, allowing them to purchase DIY Wedding Planning Made Easy individually. This approach not only saves them money but also allows you to wow your clients by passing along the savings. It provides flexibility for couples while still offering valuable resources, enhancing their planning experience and showcasing your commitment to their special day.

  2. Enhance Your Offerings: Include DIY Wedding Planning Made Easy in your contract as an automatic bonus for booking with you. You can further entice couples to complete and submit their production schedule by extending complimentary add-ons like a hotel room or cake cutting. With this approach, you cover the initial costs, benefiting from a deeply discounted rate for the program. This not only saves your clients money but also conserves your time and energy, allowing you to focus on providing exceptional service.

  3. [FOR VENUES] Custom Branded Program: Fully customize DIY Wedding Planning Made Easy to align with your brand. Incorporate your unique policies and resources, addressing venue-specific questions within the program. For instance, rain plans can be detailed, eliminating the need for constant emails and phone calls with your venue event coordinator.

  4. [FOR VENUES] Contract Inclusion: You can include DIY Wedding Planning Made Easy in your contracts as part of your planning requirements. Couples can then choose between DIY Wedding Planning Made Easy, using your venue event coordinator, or hiring a professional wedding planner; all priced accordingly. As an affiliate, you earn a share when couples opt for DIY Wedding Planning Made Easy and ensure efficient, knowledable planning and streamlined communication from your DIY couples.

Who should I be referring to the program?

DIY Wedding Planning Made Easy™ was created specifically for creative brides who are self-planning their wedding (i.e. without a professional wedding planner). We find that these brides benefit from taking the program at any stage of their planning process.

For those who enroll towards the beginning of their engagement, we often hear things like "I had no clue where to even start! And I was super stressed out because I didn't know what to do first/next. This program gave me a clear direction and understanding and SO much peace of mind".

And for those who take the program a little closer to the wedding day, the general consensus is they went from feeling all over the place and overwhelmed with wedding planning to clear, confident and back in control!

If you know someone who deserves to have a stress-free, simple, enjoyable wedding day - one where they don't have to work a second of - and they don't have a wedding coordinator to advocate for and help them navigate through the wedding planning process - then you should absolutely share DIY Wedding Planning Made Easy™ with them! :)

Do I need to have a massive email list or following?

Not at all! At Smoky Blue Events we believe in the power of real relationships, which has little to do with a number. We’ve seen people have great success with small numbers, so don’t let a small list hold you back. Honestly, at the end of the day, if you've made a difference in the life of one person, you've made a difference in the lives of thousands!

What else can you tell me about the founder and how DIY Wedding Planning Made Easy™ got it's start?

DIY Wedding Planning Made Easy was created in 2016 by Colleen Carswell and her wedding planning company, Thirty Day Dash. Colleen and her team served hundreds of DIY brides across Austin, Dallas, and Houston TX and were dedicated to providing them with creative, affordable solutions so they could actually enjoy their wedding day stress-free, regardless of budget. You can learn more about Colleen and her background HERE.

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"The information provided during the program is all stuff that I had wondered about but never really knew the specifics of - like the order that the wedding party walks out, how to release tables for food at the buffet to avoid a huge line, and how to put together a ‘day-of’ timeline. Thank you for helping me get organized so that I can enjoy my wedding day!”