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I'm Colleen Carswell, wedding business strategist at Smoky Blue Events.

My journey in the wedding industry has taken me from orchestrating intimate weddings onboard Royal Caribbean cruise ships to owning a thriving wedding planning business in Austin, Dallas, and Houston Texas. Along the way, I've delved into the world of sales and catering for luxury resorts and country clubs, and have been a part of over 1,000 weddings (and counting!)

With 16 years of experience under my belt, I understand the dedication and hard work it takes to deliver exceptional experiences for clients and succeed as a wedding business owner. With my expert guidance, we'll fine-tune your systems for seamless operations, elevate your service to create unforgettable experiences, and master your sales game to attract more clients and boost your profits.

Six Fun Facts To Get to Know Me:

Now something just for fun. I believe that when we embark on this exciting journey together, it's essential for you to know a little more about the person behind the scenes. So, here are some quirky facts about me that will give you a glimpse into the person you'll be partnering with:

  1. I have An Unhealthy Obsession with PotatoEs: Blame it on my Irish roots I guess? Or not. But you can bake it, hash it, fry it, mash it, boil it, broil it, scallop it, salt it, cheese it, chive it ... I've never met a potato I don't like.  Also, I'm 100% NOT British, but I have always - and will always - spell potatoE with an 'e'

  2. I Don't Know My Right and Left: Ironically, I have an exceptional sense of direction but struggle with right and left. They say it's genetic. But my kids have left the house with their shoes on the wrong feet more times than I care to admit. Their dad will often look to their feet, then to me and then back at their feet and say "mom put your shoes on today, huh?"

  3. I'm a Dancer at Heart: For 15 years, I danced my way through jazz, tap, ballet, and lyrical. These days, my dance partners are my kids, even if they don't always appreciate my super cool mom-moves.

  4. I Was Voted "Best Smile" in High School: Little did I know those smiles would later be hidden behind masks!

  5. Laughter and Goofiness is my Love Language: I know when to button up and be professional, but I also tend not to take life too seriously. For me, it's important to be care-free and open to all the joy that surrounds us.

  6. I'm an Alliteration Addict: (see what I did there?) It's everywhere - in my name, my four kids' names, and even our furry friend Caddie (yep, my husband is a PGA pro).

(Family Photo Credit: Sincerely Ale Photography)

Six Ways My Expertise Benefits You


With a portfolio of over 1,000 weddings meticulously planned, designed, and managed, I bring a wealth of experience to the table. My expertise is grounded in real-world success, ensuring your wedding business benefits from battle-tested strategies and solutions.


I not only built my own wedding planning business from the ground up, but I also expanded it to a multi-office enterprise with 11 employees across Texas. My experience in scaling a wedding business equips me with the insights and strategies needed to help your business thrive and grow.


As a virtual hiring pro, I've assembled and nurtured a team of entry-level employees into expert wedding planners. My methodical approach to training and developing talent ensures your team becomes a well-oiled machine, capable of delivering exceptional service to your clients.


I've successfully guided two of my employees to launch their own thriving wedding planning businesses. My mentorship and support extend beyond just building your business – I'm here to foster a collaborative and entrepreneurial spirit within your team, driving collective success.


With my unique background in both wedding planning and venue management, I bring a 360-degree view of the wedding industry. I understand the logistical intricacies, creative nuances, and the critical business aspects, enabling me to provide comprehensive, tailored solutions that drive success for your wedding business.


Leveraging my experience of successfully building a thriving business by serving budget-conscious DIY brides, I excel in developing innovative approaches and crafting customized solutions that streamline your business operations, ensuring profitability even within financial constraints.

  • Colleen Carswell

    Colleen Carswell

    Wedding Business Strategist

    a.k.a. Your Techie Bestie

Systems, Service and *then* Sales.

“You can have the best sales strategy, but if your systems and service aren't in alignment to support your growth, you could be missing out on valuable opportunities and leaving money on the table - lots of it! It's time to learn the strategic magic of aligning your systems, service, and sales so you can unlock untapped potential, higher profitability, and exceptional experiences for your team, wedding partners, and clients.” - Colleen Carswell