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Back Pocket Coaching: Your On-Demand Expertise

Are you looking for convenient access to expert guidance without committing to a full-scale package?

The Back Pocket Coaching is designed for wedding business owners seeking flexible support to navigate their challenges.

This package is perfect if you want:

  • On-Demand Expertise: Access to me via Voxer for up to four (4) questions a week. Whether you need quick solutions or in-depth insights, I'm here to provide guidance at your fingertips.

  • Monthly Virtual Group Call: Join our monthly virtual group call where you can engage in discussions, learn from others, and get answers to your burning questions. It's an opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals and gain valuable insights.

Ready to have expert guidance at your fingertips around all things systems, tech, automation and workflow?

<span>Back Pocket Coaching: Your On-Demand Expertise</span>

Foundations Package: Your Guide to Efficiency and Success

Are you tired of the chaos that comes with managing an inefficient wedding business? Do you find yourself drowning in a sea of paperwork and endless to-do lists, all while struggling to deliver the exceptional service your clients deserve?

With the Foundations Package, you're on the brink of a transformative journey—one that will reclaim your time, supercharge your profits, and empower you to deliver unparalleled service to your clients.

This option is ideal if you're keen on optimizing your wedding business with a more budget-friendly upfront investment. While I take a slightly more hands-off approach in this package, it's tailor-made for individuals who possess the time and determination to immerse themselves in the implementation of the strategies we discuss.

The Foundations Package may be the right fit for you if you're looking to:

  • Maximize Your Time: Crafted to free you from the clutches of inefficient systems and workflows, this package allows you to reclaim precious hours once lost to manual tasks. You'll gain the freedom to concentrate on what you love most about your business.

  • Build Confidence in Your Processes: Bid farewell to second-guessing and anxiety about your systems. You'll receive a robust framework that ensures a smooth operation, instilling you with the confidence to tackle any challenge.

  • Supercharge Your Productivity: Imagine the impact of streamlining your operations. With our expert guidance, you'll achieve more in less time, allowing you to take on more clients, increase your revenue, and achieve the work-life balance you've been dreaming of.

What You Get:

  • Initial Consultation: A deep dive into your business goals and challenges.

  • Templates: Identify inefficiencies and uncover opportunities within your systems and workflows.

  • Systems Inventory: Create a comprehensive list of software, tools, and platforms you currently use.

  • Personalized Action Plan + Checklist: Tailored strategies to streamline processes and boost efficiency.

  • Virtual Follow-up Meeting: Review our checklist, discuss insights, and receive initial recommendations.

  • One (1) Follow-up Email: Address any questions or provide clarifications after reviewing your action plan.

Investment: Starting at $997

Ready to take the first step towards transforming your wedding business?

Psst - if you're looking for an even more economical solution, scroll down to learn about the new 3S Mastery Collective!

<span>Foundations Package: Your Guide to Efficiency and Success</span>

Growth Accelerator: Your Personalized Path to System Optimization

Do you ever feel like you're stuck in the weeds of your wedding business, trying to make sense of tangled systems and workflows? You're not alone. Managing the chaos of inefficiency can be a daunting task, and I'm here to change that narrative.

The Growth Accelerator Package is the ultimate "done with you" experience, where I roll up my sleeves and dive headfirst into key systems and workflows, working side by side with you to uncover better, more efficient ways of doing things.

The Growth Accelerator Package may be the right fit for you if you're looking for:

  • Hands-On Expertise: With the Growth Accelerator Package, I'm not just offering advice from the sidelines. I'm right there with you, inside your systems, finding ways to fine-tune them to perfection.

  • Customized Optimization: This package is all about personalization. Together, we'll analyze your unique challenges and needs, and then implement tailor-made solutions that will supercharge your growth, making sure every aspect of your business operates at peak efficiency.

  • Unparalleled Client Satisfaction: With my help, you'll be poised to deliver standout service to your clients. Imagine being the wedding business that consistently goes above and beyond expectations, earning rave reviews and referrals.

What You Get:

  • Everything in the Foundations Package

  • Detailed Audit + Process Mapping: In-depth analysis and step-by-step implementation plan for three key workflows and/or systems

  • Additional Virtual Meeting: Delve into identified pain points and recommended solutions.

  • Personalized Action Plan Enhancement: Prioritize improvements for immediate impact.

  • Two (2) Follow-up Emails: Ongoing support for questions and clarification.

  • Discounted membership to 3S Mastery Collective (coming Spring 2024)

Investment: Starting at $2,800

Ready to break free from the inefficiencies holding your wedding business back?

<span>Growth Accelerator: Your Personalized Path to System Optimization</span>

Total Transformation: Your VIP Solution to Effortless Excellence

Ever wished for a trusted expert to step in and effortlessly optimize your wedding business's systems and workflows, leaving you with more time, less stress, and a flawless operation? Are you exhausted from juggling the complexities of your wedding business while inefficiencies steal your precious time and profits? 

Struggling to provide exceptional service to your clients while managing an overwhelming operation is no small feat. That's why I've designed the Total Transformation Package to provide you with an immersive VIP experience.

This isn't your typical business coaching or consulting – it's an all-encompassing transformation where I become an integral part of your team, diving into your systems, researching better options, and implementing strategies that bring immediate results.

The Total Transformation, VIP Experience may be the right fit for you if you want:

  • Effortless Excellence: With the Total Transformation Package, I step in to do the heavy lifting for you. Bid farewell to operational headaches as I streamline your systems and workflows from the inside out, granting you the freedom to focus on what truly matters.

  • Immediate Impact: Waiting is not an option. During our on-site visit, I'll identify pain points, optimize processes in real-time, and provide a comprehensive transformation roadmap. The results? Immediate and extraordinary.

  • VIP-Level Support: My extended personalized action plan, combined with complimentary access to the 3S Mastery Collective and ongoing support, ensures your wedding business doesn't just succeed; it thrives at the pinnacle of excellence.

What You Get:

  • Everything in Growth Accelerator Package

  • In-Person Immersion: I spend two days with your team, observing operations, interviewing staff, and identifying inefficiencies.

  • On-Site Strategy Session: I'll present findings, discuss the optimization plan, and ensure it aligns with your goals and vision.

  • Off-Site Refinement & Implementation: I'll refine, optimize, integrate, and implement the changes we discussed during our on-site session.

  • Customized Training: One-on-one sessions with key team members to ensure seamless integration of new processes and/or systems.

  • Extended Action Plan: A comprehensive, step-by-step roadmap for continued transformation.

  • Two (2) Additional Follow-up Virtual Meetings: Continuous support and strategy refinement.

  • 6-months complimentary access to the 3S Mastery Collective, 50% discounted rate thereafter (coming Spring 2024)

  • Ongoing Support: 3 months of email/voxer support for questions and guidance.

Investment: Starting at $8,000

Ready to experience the VIP treatment and have your wedding business transformed into a model of effortless excellence?

<span>Total Transformation: Your VIP Solution to Effortless Excellence</span>

Unlock Your Business Potential with 3S Mastery Collective


<span>Unlock Your Business Potential with 3S Mastery Collective </span>

"Thanks to Colleen's expertise, we have experienced a significant increase in referrals and bookings. Colleen's passion and dedication have truly made a difference in our wedding venue business.”"

Terry McCracken, Owner at Seven Oaks Farm

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customize my package to meet my specific needs?

Absolutely! My goal is to provide tailored solutions for your business. You can enhance your chosen package with optional add-ons, such as Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) or New Software Research + Comparative Analysis. If you have unique requirements, we can discuss additional customization options during your initial consultation.

What is the initial consultation like?

The initial consultation is the starting point for our journey together. It's a 45-minute deep dive into your wedding business, where we'll discuss your goals, challenges, and unique needs. Here's what you can expect during this valuable session:

  • Exploration: We'll explore the pain points and inefficiencies in your current systems and workflows, ensuring we understand the specific areas where you need assistance.

  • Goal Setting: We'll work together to establish clear goals and objectives for your wedding business. This step is crucial for us to align our strategies with your vision.

  • Tailored Solutions: I'll provide insights into how our packages and optional add-ons can best address your needs. If you're unsure which package is the perfect fit, don't worry; we can discuss that during the consultation as well.

  • Your Questions: This is your opportunity to ask any questions you may have about our services, the process, or how we can help you streamline your business.

The initial consultation is a pivotal moment to connect, share insights, and lay the foundation for our partnership. It's also an opportunity to get to know each other better and ensure we're the right fit to transform your wedding business for the better.

The $200 retainer fee you invest in this consultation will be applied towards whichever package we determine is the best fit for your business needs and budget.

What is the pricing for your services and packages?

Pricing varies depending on the package and optional add-ons you choose. The starting investment for each package is listed above. The initial consultation fee of $200 will be applied towards whichever package we determine is the best fit for your business needs and budget.

How can your experience benefit my wedding business?

My extensive experience in planning, designing, and managing over 1,000 weddings, as well as growing a thriving wedding planning business with a team of 11 employees, uniquely positions me to optimize your systems and team. I have a proven track record of empowering entrepreneurs and finding creative solutions that drive profitability. You can learn more about my background and extensive experience HERE.

What if I'm not ready for the investment right now? Are there other options available?

I understand that making an investment in your business can be a big decision. If you're not quite ready to dive into one of our packages, there are alternative starting points to consider. You can begin with our FREE Wedding Business Success Assessment. This assessment includes a custom action plan tailored to your business, providing valuable insights into areas that may need improvement. Additionally, you can join our 3S Mastery Collective, opening in Spring 2024. By securing your spot today, you can get your first month for just $1! This community offers ongoing support, valuable resources, and a network of like-minded professionals who understand your journey. It's a fantastic way to start your journey toward a more profitable and efficient wedding business.

Book Your Initial Consultation.

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