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Back Pocket Coaching

Ever wish you had a lifeline to a super tech-savvy expert who could help you untangle your web of wedding tech woes, optimize your inefficient systems and workflows, implement game-changing automations, foster a thriving company culture, and put an end to high turnover? Oh, aaaaaand help you make lots of money, keep more of it, and absolutely love what you do?

Well, bippity, boppity, boop - let's do this thing!

Sign up for a month of Back Pocket Coaching by 11/15 at 11:59 pm and get:

an Automatic Upgrade to VIP and ...

Two Weeks Free!

I'm In!
  • On-demand access to a tech-savvy expert for immediate support in conquering those "unsolvable" business challenges.
  • Complimentary VIP upgrade to include step-by-step tutorials, videos, and 1-on-1 calls for technical questions that require more than just a voice message (see FAQs below for more details)
  • Your free VIP upgrade rolls over for as long as you're a Back Pocket Coaching client! Instead of paying $444 a month, you pay only $347.
  • Tailored solutions to streamline your workflows and boost your profits.
  • Access to monthly group calls for valuable insights and collaborative learning. Get an extra free call when signing up before 11/15!

You've got questions? I've got answers!

So, what exactly is Back Pocket Coaching?

It's me, in your back pocket! Or rather, on the phone in your back pocket. Whenever a tech challenge, workflow puzzle, process hiccup, team service snag, mindset block, or any other query pops up, just shoot over a quick text or voice message.

How does this work?

You get up to three questions each week, and here's the magic—your direct line is ME, not some impersonal bot or assistant. I'm fully invested in making your life easier and your business incredibly more profitable! My mission is for you to absolutely ADORE what you do by focusing on what you love. If system inefficiencies, complex workflows, or mindset barriers are sapping your energy ... friend, I've got you!

With 16 years in the hospitality and wedding industry — spanning cruise ships, luxury resorts, city hotels and country clubs—I've seen it all. So, whether you want to fire off all three questions in one go, dive deep into a single topic, or pepper me with inquiries throughout the week, the choice is all yours!


Why now?

Imagine this: you return from a conference with your energy soaring, full of fresh ideas, and brimming with new possibilities for your business. But then reality sets in. The event buzz wears off, and you find yourself alone, back in the daily grind. It's winter, and the cold feels isolating. You're stuck with no one to brainstorm with, no clue where to start, and grappling with an elusive obstacle that's holding you back. It's the dreaded post-event fatigue, and end-of-year burnout is looming.

But this year, it doesn't have to be the same old story. You can finish the year with strength and set the stage for your most spectacular bridal show season ever. I'm here to support you every step of the way! If you're seeking to elevate your business mindset, improve your tech proficiency, or address profit-draining inefficiencies in your processes and workflows, this container is designed specifically for your needs.

Who is this 'Techie Bestie' chic?

Oh hi there! I'm Colleen Carswell. Nice to meet you ;)

Here are a few quick facts about my professional background ...

  • I have over 16 years of experience in the hospitality and wedding industry; from cruise ships to luxury resorts to hotels and country clubs. (Yup! I actually lived on cruise ships for seven months at a time. I even served as the onboard wedding planner! Kid you not - it's a real job!)

  • I owned a wedding planning business and successfully scaled it from just one person (that's me) in one location to a team of over 11 remote employees spread across three cities.

  • I created my signature online program, "DIY Wedding Planning Made Easy," to bridge the gap between wedding vendors and couples who can't afford a wedding planner.

  • I've had the privilege of managing, planning, and designing over 1,000 weddings and counting!

Now let's get personal...

What truly fuels my passion is problem-solving. I have an innate knack for finding solutions, and I'm all about diving into intricate puzzles; the trickier, the better!

My main focus is helping you streamline your workflows, boost your profits, and conquer those pesky "unsolvable" challenges in your wedding biz. I'm not just your coach – I'm your tech-savvy partner, fully invested in your success. My mission is to help you build supportive systems, refine processes, and cultivate a mindset that allows you to make lots of money, keep more of it, and absolutely love what you do!

Sound good? I think so, too! Let's do this thing, friend :)

What is the difference between standard Back Pocket Coaching and VIP?

While both Back Pocket Coaching options offer on-demand access to me for your burning questions, the VIP Back Pocket Coaching takes it up a notch. With VIP, I provide step-by-step tutorials and/or videos when a question requires more than just a voice message to effectively address. You also get two 15-minute one-on-one calls where we can screen-share should we need to explore a technical challenge in more detail.

It's a deeper level of support and guidance tailored to your specific needs, ensuring you have all the tools and resources necessary to conquer your tech and workflow challenges. And the super duper great news is - you get this upgrade totally free as part of this Wedding MBA promo! AND you keep this upgrade for as long as you continue on as a Back Pocket Coaching client.

What communication platform will we use?

We'll be using Voxer for our on-demand Q & A. After purchase, you'll receive all the Voxer details in your inbox, including how to access and setup. Voxer enables both text and voice message conversations, making it easy to get quick answers and support.

When do we start?

This cohort of Back Pocket Coaching starts no later than November 15, 2023. However, if you provide your Voxer handle earlier, you might get a few extra days added to your package! Want to know something else that's super fun? You'll be surrounded by wedding pros who all attended the Wedding MBA! Ready to join? Sign Up Here!

What if I need more information before signing up?

If you have any questions or need more information before signing up for Back Pocket Coaching, feel free to reach out to me at [email protected]. I'm here to help and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision. As a reminder, you'll want to sign-up no later than 11/15 at 11:59pm to take advantage of the extra two free weeks! 

Is this a one-time or auto-draft payment?

You're enrolling in a special six-week promo package of VIP Back Pocket Coaching; a savings of over $319! The best part is that this isn't set up as an auto-payment, providing you with the freedom to end or extend your membership on a month-by-month basis for as long as Back Pocket Coaching is offered.

And, should you choose to stay and continue working together, you get to keep your VIP status locked in at the reduced rate!

Whoo-hoo!! I'm in. How do I get started?

Yay!! I can't wait to support you! Click HERE to sign up and make payment. All the details will be sent immediately to your inbox upon joining.