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TUX Audit

In the events and hospitality industry, we often focus on providing the best experience for our clients. But what about our team? The Team User Experience (TUX) is crucial for a thriving business. A positive TUX leads to increased productivity, reduced turnover, and a happier, more engaged team. Conducting a TUX audit can provide invaluable insights into your team's experience and is essential whether you're a team of 200 or just two.

<span>TUX Audit</span>

Stay Review Template

You've likely heard of exit reviews and performance reviews, right? Unfortunately, exit reviews are too little too late, and performance reviews can give off a conditional employee-manager relationship vibe: you do this for me and I'll do this for you. Both have their place, but if you truly want a business that thrives, consider incorporating a bi -quarterly stay review. Here, the goal is to understand your employees unique aspirations, goals, challenges, feedback, and more. Not only does this show them they are a valued team member and that you genuinely care, but it also keeps everyone on the same page, aligned, and moving in the same direction. Click the button below to access your copy of the stay review template and start sharing with your employees in a matter of minutes!

<span>Stay Review Template</span>

Upcoming Workshops & Speaking Engagements

Condensing everything into a brief 10-minute WedTalk was quite the challenge! Nevertheless, my sincere hope is that you left with at least one valuable takeaway that you're eager to put into practice. I'm truly passionate about these subjects, and I have so much more to share. If you're interested in delving even deeper into topics such as SOPs, team service, profit maximization, and more, I'd be thrilled to see you again at an upcoming event!

<span>Upcoming Workshops & Speaking Engagements</span>

SOPs and Show Specials

The two resources I mentioned using for Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) were Scribe* and a learning management system, like FreshLearn*.

For show specials, I'm giving away two free weeks of Back Pocket Coaching as well as coupon codes to share with your couples for free lifetime access to DIY Wedding Planning Made Easy. These both expire on November 15th at 11:59pm EST so make sure to snag them now before they're gone!

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<span>SOPs and Show Specials</span>

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